Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Right or Left?

Both!!! So....the funny thing about my kids is that they are completely opposite of each other as far as personality. But, ironically, they are both exactly like their dad!! Weird, I know. Plus, I'm still trying to figure where I fit into the picture. Alex is Mike's left brain. Camden is Mike's right brain. Those of you that know Mike, will probably understand with just those 2 sentences. For the rest of we go.
Mike is a very smart person. He is FULL of useless, random facts and bits of knowledge. He loves animals, creatures, living things....He really enjoys science type things. He thought for a long time about being a veterinarian. Now, my Alex is also full of random bits of info. Particularly if it has to do with animals, creatures, living things....Do you see where I'm going with this? Alex reads encyclopedias in his spare time. He owns about a dozen of them, in a wide (he, he) range of the animal kingdom. He knows amazing facts about animals that I've never even heard of!!! Last spring a hummingbird found it's way through our back door and into our living room. We got it out after a few minutes, and Alex said, "Was that a ruby throated hummingbird?" I thought, "I DON'T KNOW!!!!! It was just a hummingbird!" He has even (politely, I hope) corrected his 3rd grade teacher a few times this year. She didn't know what a kite was....and he told her. By the way, it's not the kind that you fly on a windy day. It's actually a bird. There is one in Mexico that is black and has red eyes! Congrats! You learned something new today. :)
Camden on the other hand, is Mike's right brain. Mike, is of course, an artist. A very good one I might add! (Check out his website: ) So, Camden is of course an artist also. He can spend hours working on one picture. He has been frustrated many times in Kindergarten because his teacher wouldn't let him finish a picture. Unfortunately for Camden, kindergarten is only 3 hours, and time just simply does not allow. Camden is always coming up with new "inventions". He is a thinker for sure! The other day he was eating a potato chip that had a slight resemblance to a shark fin. He told me that one day when he makes potato chips, he will invent a machine to make them ALL look like shark fins! Whew! I've been waiting my whole life for this. I can hardly wait for him to grow up and do it already. More good news!! He announced today that he is going to invent a money tree!!! Yeah!!! We could all use one of those. My days are spent listening to all his marvelous ideas. Mostly because the kid can't stop talking, and I've run out of hiding places.....Let's just hope he really does invent something fabulous so he can support Mike and me in our old age.
Ok, back to me.... :) Where do I fit in? Apparently, I'm just here to provide nutrition for these amazing minds. Lack of food kills brain cells you know..